4 Easy Tips Not To Overspent On Black Friday

The Black Friday sale is probably one of the most major sale days in the history. The idea of Black Friday is to get retailers back in the “black” in terms of their profit (red numbers in their books means they are losing money).

So, isn’t it obvious that the retailers are trying to entice you to shop? They want you to spend money. They offer sales and take advantage of the common notion that the Black Friday is THE day to get the best deal. Here is a fact, the deals on Black Friday are not the always the best.

Let’s go back on track here. The goal of this post is to help you not too overspent on Black Friday.

1. Make A Shopping List

Make sure the list contains things that you REALLY need. Most people will probably get mixed up with things that they want as well. The good thing about making a NEED list in advance is to help you think through 2 or 3 times before you head to the store. Personally, this works well for me. It allows me to narrow down the list and crossed off the ones that I thought I need.

2. Bring Cash Only

The NEED list that you created should be good enough to curb your shopping appetite. However, if you are one of those can easily compromise, bringing cash only to shop is great. Leave your credit cards at home or they will get you in trouble later on.

3. Ignore The Ads

Retailers are going all out on their Black Friday Ads. They call them DEALS. As good as it may sounds like, chances are those are the ones that you do not need. Focus on what you need. What is it that you are really looking for? It’s easy to get distracted and buying other things just because it’s only $5. The mentality of “Oh it’s only $5, it wouldn’t hurt” will get you at the end. So, stay focus!

4. Try To Shop Online

Obviously, you can’t use cash when you shop online. However, the benefit of shopping online is to have less distractions. When you go into a store, the temptations of buying other things is higher, especially if they are marked On Sale or Clearance, or Last Chance, or whatever name they call it.

Shopping online allows you to compare pricing between stores. You may not be able to get the “doorbuster” deals, but it is okay! Remember, if you can wait until the Black Friday to buy the item that you need, that means you can wait! It’s not that urgent. Missing out on the doorbuster deals is not the end of the world. Plus, if you think of the time and convenience without having to deal with the crowds, it probably worth paying a few extra dollars.

Remember, the best deals are not always on Black Friday only. If you look at deals website such as DealsofAmerica.com on a regular basis, you will see that any day deals can beat the Black Friday.

Have fun and Happy Thanksgiving!

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